Le 2 Workshop is an architectural company founded by architects Jędrzej Lewandowski and Lilianna Prus, both teaching and preparing Phd's in architecture at Technical University of Łódź.

Jędrzej Lewandowski's experience, gained during studies in Poland and Sweden, as well as the internship at the Velux headquarters in Denmark, had an exceptional impact on the character of the architecture created by Le 2 Workshop team.

In 2008, Jędrzej's projects were noticed by the world media because of the awards won in three separate editions of the international architectural competition organized by World Architecture Community. Within three years, his projects have been published by several printed and online magazines in the U.S., EU and China. Prestigious MARK magazine published twice the projects of houses by Le 2 Workshop.

At the beginning of 2011, the popular American news reporting website the Daily Beast published a House On The Water project by Jędrzej Lewandowski ranked together with the house of Bill Gates. This project has also appeared in the pages of Hong Kong Oriental Daily News and Newsweek Poland.

In 2011, Le 2 Workshop joined a small group of Polish architectural offices recommended by the Swiss catalogue

Le 2 Workshop is a continuation of previous work done to create architecture full of commitment, passion and originality.



In recent years, thanks to the Investors looking for the original aesthetic solutions, we have been given the great opportunity to design unique architecture. We are grateful for entrusting us with such a responsible job and look forward to the results achieved by working together.

In summary of our previous activity we design:


Apartment Buildings

Public Buildings

Residential and Office Interiors

... and recently also Guitar Effects

Our activity throughout the country taught us to persevere in pursuit of fulfilling the tasks we were given. It also allowed us to improve our own design methods in collaboration with external design units, which often resulted in measurable financial benefits to our Investors.

It is our priority to deliver solutions of high aesthetic value.

We are happy to offer advice in situations requiring architectural intervention.

We are also open to different forms of co-operation and willingly help in making the decisions, which effects will remain visible for decades.

Our goal is to create an outstanding architecture.



We welcome all Investors seeking help in making key decisions regarding the planned construction - we help to organize the process of obtaining building permits and adjust the scope of the project to be appropriate for a given investment.

We also encourage developer's clients to take advantage of our customer support -

we can help you select the best located and oriented apartments and flats, indicate their strengths and weaknesses and the ability to adapt to the desired function.


We provide assistance in obtaining all materials necessary to start designing.

We offer:

- obtaining maps for location purposes

- preparing base maps for design purposes

- preparing applications to obtain conditions of connection to water supply, gas, electric network, etc.

- preparing applications to obtain outline planning decisions

- inventories

- geotechnical studies

- technical expertises

- urban analysis

- advising in choosing the technology of construction of the building

- preparing investment programs



Sketch concepts

Architectural elaboration indicating the basic guidelines given by Investor in the context of the current legal and spatial conditions of the site.

It is the first stage of the design and is used to determine the estimated area and the dimensions of the object and its location on the plot. Sketch concept allows Investor to make decisions about the form of the investment before the design.


Design concepts

We design functional and attractive architecture - good design concept is what sets us apart. Thanks to the logical, understandable and economical solutions that have always characterized our projects, we received orders all around Poland.

Frequently we cooperated with local architects supporting them with our experience, intuition and knowledge.


Design concept  eleboration includes:

- site development plan / optional in several variants

- floor plans, sections and elevations

- visualizations

- three-dimensional computer model, delivered to the Investor in a plain and easy form to use

- architectural model / optional

We are proud to announce that we have 100% effectiveness of interpretation Investors? expectations - each of our projects met the investment objectives and agreed with the vision of Clients.
Our design concepts are developed from the foundation in order to interpret properly the requirements posed in front of us and not force Investors to unwanted solutions.


We offer design concepts, which can be the basis

for further elaboration by external design studios.

This solution allows Investors to receive from us a distinctive architectural design,

which will then be developed by any designer.

Adjusting to the Polish realities, we allow our Investors to save valuable time and money.



Building permit design

Multi-discipline design elaboration in scope which is necessary to obtain building permit.

It is executed only on the basis of the architectural design concept previously accepted by the Investor.


At this stage we provide site development plan and building permit design including:

- architectural design

- construction design

- multi-discipline design of internal installations in the building (central heating, water, gas, electric installation, air conditioning, ventilation etc.)

- internal roads, parking places

- outside installations

- telecommunication installations

- technical surveys

- required approvals

- preparing required applications

- preparing application and documentation to obtain building permit



Executive design


Multi-discipline design elaboration in scope including detailed solutions specific to the technologies used in building permit design.


At this stage we provide:

- architectural design including technical details

- construction design including materials specifications

- multi-discipline design of internal installations in the building (central heating, water, electric, gas installation, air conditioning, ventilation etc.)

Interior design


We have a great deal of experience in design of office interiors, recreational, public and private spaces.

Our projects are always created with an eye to the users and the space they will live in - well-thought-out interior layouts are a natural consequence of the functional and attractive project. We have a sense of the space and know how to use it.

Depending on the Investor's needs we offer projects ranging from concepts to detailed executive design. Our solutions are characterized by knowledge of materials and aesthetic enquiry for their selection.


The appropriate scope of work is always arranged with the Investor.